What’s the best cheap wine brand?

You tell me, using this poll. After all, the whole point of what I’m doing here is help wine drinkers to figure out what they like so they don’t need to be told by people like me. Planned obsolescence for wine writers is not such a bad idea, is it?

Voting is simple — just click on the up or down button. Voting starts today and ends on Sunday; I’ll post results on Monday with a few comments, which will be a fine way to begin the blog’s sixth annual birthday week. If you get the blog via email or RSS subscription, click here to go to the site so you can vote.

[rnkrwp id=”1044663″ url=”http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-cheap-wine-brand/winecurmudgeon” name=”The Best Cheap Wine Brand”]

8 thoughts on “What’s the best cheap wine brand?

  • By JDub -

    What about Columbia Crest?? Widely available and typically right around the $10 mark (if not lower).

    • By Dwayne -

      JDub read my mind, I was going to ask the exact same thing.

      • By Jeff Siegel -

        I wanted 10. Columbia Crest was 11.

        • By JDub -

          I thought the purpose was for us to vote on the best cheap wine. It appears we are supposed to vote for YOUR best cheap wine……

  • By David G -

    Tried to vote for Bogle, but must be member of FB, etc.
    Anyway, I like Cline Zin also in the under $10 range.

    • By Jeff Siegel -

      Shouldn’t have any trouble voting. Send me an email, and I’ll get with the widget people.

  • By Emily Greene -

    Cool feature! Everybody hates on it, but I think 2 buck chuck is pretty good 🙂

  • By Kyle Hailey -

    Nice poll.
    Would be nice to add specific bottles.
    Borsao Tinto 2012 was pretty impressive at $9.
    There have also been some great sales. Bought 3 cases of Dave Bruce Pinot for $8/bottle. Awesome. Of course they are sold out. Different category than the above. WOuld be nice to know when and where these things happen.
    I have been impressed with Bogle. Bought cases of it at times.

    also $2 buck chuck is impressive. People like to bash it, but for $2 it blows me away.
    I’d be happy to do some blind wine/food pairings with $2 buck chuck and $10-15 wines and see which wine will get picked.

    also for sub $10 wines one of the best approaches is to go to K&L, choose best sellers and then choose sub $10. You’ll get a list of the best selling, ie most popular, sub $10 wines

    – Kyle Hailey

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