What’s the best cheap wine brand 2014?

best cheap wineWelcome to the Wine Curmudgeon’s second annual cheap wine poll, which runs today through Dec. 16. I’ll post the results on Dec. 18.

You can vote for the brand you like the most or against a label that you don’t like — just click on the respective buttons next to each entry at the bottom of this post. You can vote here or on the Ranker site, where the poll is hosted (and thanks again to Ranker, the blog’s unofficial polling widget). If you get the blog via RSS or email, click here to vote on the blog or here to vote at Ranker.

Share the poll with your friends and fellow cheap wine drinkers by clicking on any of the social media buttons at the bottom of the poll or at end of the post. I want to beat last year’s 700 participants.

I’ve included 10 producers, including a new one from last year, based on several criteria: The wines cost around $10, they’re generally available (which means you can find them in a retailer in a decent-sized city), and they’re popular enough so that people have heard of them. Falesco Vitiano won last year and Two-buck Chuck finished last.

[rnkrwp id=”1932663″ format=”grid” url=”http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-cheap-wine-brand-2014/winecurmudgeon?format=GRID&action=tab&type=embed” name=”The Best Cheap Wine Brand 2014″]

5 thoughts on “What’s the best cheap wine brand 2014?

  • By Blake Gray -

    Jeff, I think you’re prejudicing voters by listing all the other wines by their correct name, but listing Charles Shaw as “Two-buck Chuck.”

    Beyond that, there’s probably a blog post in this: why the hate from the electorate for Charles Shaw, which I believe is America’s best-selling wine brand?

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      I thought about that, but I don’t know that anyone actually knows Charles Shaw as Charles Shaw.

  • By Don Wilson -

    I have to mention the Lubbock wines in the Good Cheaper blends: Llano Estacado’Signature White and Pinot Grigio, and the McPherson’s Sangiovese, Tre Colore and La Herencia. (Whole Foods)

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      There aren’t any Texas wines (or regional wines, for that matter) in the poll, Don, because you can’t buy them outside of the state where they’re made. The condition to be included was generally available — that is, you can buy the wines at a retailer in a decent-sized U.S. city.

  • By Don Wilson -

    Their loss is my gain…..
    Thanks Jeff. Enjoy your blog and your visits to Kerrville
    (Amigo to John Bratcher)

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