Valentine’s Day wine 2013

The Wine Curmudgeon does not usually do a post for The Holiday that Must Not be Named. This year, though, one of my resolutions for the blog is get more of you to drink sparkling wine. So Valentine ?s Day seemed like a good place to start. And the wine of the week on Wednesday will be bubbly as well.

The Champagne and sparkling wine primer is here. You can also find suggestions in the sparkling wine category on the right side. This year, probably because of the hype over sweet red wine and moscato, I got several sweet sparkling wine samples, which is several more than I usually get. As noted in the primer, sweeter sparkling wines are rare in this country.

The less said about those wines the better. They were not cheap, and very, very sweet, with little else to note about them. One day, I suppose, I’ll stop underestimating the wine business’ ability to insult the consumer’s intelligence.

So what are some good choices for the holiday? How about:

Mittnacht Freres Cremant d’Alsace NV ($21, sample): Crisp with pear fruit (also on nose). Fairly sophisticated, especially for Alsace cremant, and with long, minerally finish. Made with pinot auxerrois, not a common grape.

Mumm Napa Brut Rose NV ($15, purchased): Widely available and solidly made — fruity and dry with strawberry fruit. I don ?t remember it being this cheap in a long time.

Graham Beck Brut NV ($18, sample): South African sparkler is clean and fresh, halfway between cava and California bubbly. Some vanilla with apple fruit in the middle.A nice change of pace.

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  • By burnsey - Reply

    How about a 375 of Banfi Rosa Regale with some chocolate? Yeah, its a big house name, but it seems to work.

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