Update: Third-party wine clubs and their experts

wine club expertsGlobal Wine Company, the subject of a post in May that discussed third-party wine clubs and the “experts” who pick their wines, has decided that transparency is the better part of valor. Global, which runs wine clubs for The New York Times, the Washington Post, Williams-Sonoma, and several others, has started listing the buyers and their credentials on the wine club websites.

Martin Reyes, one of Global’s buyers, emailed me after the post ran, but not to tell me I should mind my own business. Instead, he thanked me for the post, saying he had been trying to convince the Global bosses that it would be better to name the experts and not leave consumers wondering. “I figured you might enjoy knowing briefly what came out of this. The screenshot below was a watershed moment for us. … You sir, are awesome. Thanks again.”

That screenshot, pictured above, is also part of the Times club website. It’s a new section that tells club members who buys the wines and why they’re qualified to do so. Not difficult to do, good for business, and — more importantly — the right thing to do.

The power of the press, even when it’s a cranky ex-newspaperman who likes cheap wine and does it all by himself. Maybe there’s something to this blogging business after all.

5 thoughts on “Update: Third-party wine clubs and their experts

  • By Leslee Borger -

    Great work, as usual, from the Wine Curmudgeon.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      I’m blushing.

  • By Karen -

    Congrats! This post absolutely made my day as I’m also an ex-newspaperwoman on her own and it’s nice to think I might still make a difference. Good job.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Thanks, Karen. I’m famous for having worked for four papers, three of which no longer exist.

      I’ve argued, since I started doing this, that good content will drive out bad, if we can convince enough people that good content is important.

  • By Blake Gray -

    Great job! The best thing a journalist can do is affect social change for the better. For a wine writer, it’s really rare. Bask!

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