TV wine ad update: Does this Kim Crawford commercial make any sense?

Why would anyone think this Kim Crawford commercial would convince someone to buy the wine?

Another entry in the blog’s continuing effort to upgrade the quality of TV wine ads. Or, in this case, to understand what the point is of this Kim Crawford commercial – and why anyone would make it.

Because it’s certainly difficult to understand. “Undo ordinary?” As opposed to “Do ordinary”?

I suppose we should be grateful that it’s not as juvenile as this year’s Yellow Tail ad, or that it doesn’t resort to the the usual crowd of well-groomed, sun-burst young people laughing and drinking wine, with a dog frolicking in the background.

But that’s far from enough to make this Kim Crawford commercial successful. It’s especially disappointing that Constellation Brands, which owns Kim Crawford, is supposed to be one of the smartest wine marketers around, and should be able to do better than this. What does it say about TV wine ads that the company and its agency thought this effort was a good idea?

Video via Kim Crawford Wines on You Tube, using a Creative Commons license

39 thoughts on “TV wine ad update: Does this Kim Crawford commercial make any sense?

  • By O.T. Grid -

    I like the ad (and the wine). I’m guessing that just about anyone who knows anything about wine is familiar with Kim Crawford S.B. – for sure the ad is not helpful to those folks. I’m thinking the ad is pointed at the rest of the world… I think it projects a likable/modern/stylish/fresh image of Kim Crawford and avoids a bunch of wine-talk B.S.

  • By Jh -

    Are the only people that drink this brand of wine skinny beyond normalcy? There’s not one robust person in their commercial. Does Kim Crawford only want super skinny people drinking their wine? I don’t get it.

    • By Diane -

      That’s what I thought! I’ve only seem this commercial for a few days, but SERIOUSLY, there’s not a woman in it over a size 2!!! Screw Kim Crawford, if she approved that commercial. Assuming she’s even a real person.

  • By Diane Russo -

    Why does the most recent commercial have super skinny skeletal women in it? Truly sending a bad message to young women, that to be chic and not ordinary you should drink wine and be beyond thin. Very disappointing, because the wine is decent, but won’t buy anymore.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      If you search the blog for other posts about wine TV commercials, you’ll see the same thing for the past 40 years. Sex sells wine, or so the marketers think.

  • By Judy Ball -

    Is it possible that you could tell me the name and the artist of the music from the 2017 Kim Crawford wine commercial?

    Thank you very much.

    • By Chris Q -

      A commenter on named Jack Xavier Greene said the song may be an instrumental of M83’s Midnight City. On comparison, does sound pretty close to me.

  • By Chinue X -

    The appeals to the WP who work in the Tech field.

  • By Chinue X -

    What I’d like to know is WHO MADE THE MUSIC?

  • By Mike Andersen -

    I find the commercial to be creepy. Reminiscence of early sadistic films. The Stylish gathering to to watching torture, forced sex, and death.

  • By Jennifer -

    I hate the commercial. It reminds me of Steve Mnuchin’s “I’m better than all of you little people” wife. Not only doesn’t it make me want to try the wine, it makes me actively think I would never buy this wine.

  • By Donnamarie -

    Noticed a woman wearing this great black off the shoulder short sleeve zig zag top / madew& my girlfriend notice the wine!!!!

    We’d love to know the designer of that garmet and where we could purchase the top. Will definetly will be the wine too!


  • By Charlotte Graves -

    I just can’t get past the skeleton with the draping green pantsuit. Everytime I see this commercial I make a note that the producer is obviously out of touch and they don’t want my size 9 body partaking of their wine. Even worse, not a soul in the commercial looks like they would drink wine without planning a restroom trip to purge..

    • By Sylvia -

      Thought it was just me being overly sensitive, but so agree with you. How is this real and what universe do these people live?

  • By Jason Stone -

    Commercial is terribly annoying. What’s the deal with the African American woman twirling with the wine bottle raised in the air? Stupid, stupid commercial

  • By Darlene -

    I did not know who or what Kim Crawford was/is, so Google to the rescue. Then I found this post. I have seen this ad about 8 times or so, however, I still do not like it nor understand it.
    Yes, sex is a marketing tool, and, apparently if you can afford to live in Manhattan, and run an ad on Craigslist stating you are an artist looking for female models, you best have Kim Crawford wine.

  • By June -

    I immediately noticed all the anorexic unhealthy looking people when I saw this ad. A competitor should make a commercial where an average sized group crashes the hoity toity party.

  • By Tracey Koches -

    This commercial looks like an advertisement for alcoholics anonymous. They all appear to need rehab for anorexia. Good grief pull this ad!

  • By Karen Legg -

    They have just started running this commercial again here, and every time I see it, I get angry. They look like they went to the rehab center for anorexics to get the women. Guess they heard the camera adds 10 lbs. None of these females could afford to be 5 lbs. smaller in real life. The girl in the green jumpsuit especially, looks like a stick with a wig stuck on top, and has to way over swing her hips to even make it look like there is any movement. She looks like a child drinking wine. Therefore, I refuse to buy this brand of wine. This is NOT Sexy by any means!!! I certainly hope my daughters don’t feel, because its on tv, that that is what is suppose to be sexy, because it is the exact opposite. It might as well be a young boy in women’s clothes.

  • By Janice -

    Anorexic? Drink Kim Crawford wine. That’s the subliminal message the add attempts to send to me. Instead, I see drink this wine and you too will look like sad starving lonely people . Too bad for them that add failed miserably. What idiot ok’d this add. Come on just how obtuse and detached is this company? First time I’ve herd of them and if this is what they think happy healthy people look like, I bet they shop only at Abercrombie & Fitch.

  • By Bill -

    Super anorexic people are the only ones who can drink this wine. Terrible message.

  • By Dawn -

    This commercial drives me crazy and so tired of it. The girl in the green amuses me because the way she walks reminds me of the “keep on truckin” guy/cartoon of the 1970’s

  • By Carly -

    I cannot stand this commercial. Every woman in this ads looks anorexic. It sends a terrible message. Will never buy their products.

  • By Paul -

    Oh, and it has far surpassed the implied pretentiousness and really tired of seeing the ad every 15 minutes (or seems like it) with the advent “holiday season”. If it was actually a “good” commercial it would be more effective with less exposure. I left a comment on their website last year, apparently no effect. A Kim Crawford billboard would be as effective.

  • By Kate -

    The women they show are grossly underweight. The camera adds 10 lbs so I wonder how thin the girl is in the green. I will never buy this wine if it pushed this body image.

  • By Queen -

    The commercial has been bothering me for weeks. I came to the Internet to see if it was just me, can’t believe that there is this forum with people saying the exact same things that I’m thinking …why is the lead person in this commercial and the supporting cast seriously under weight I cannot get past looking at the bones on the shoulders of the woman in the green pants suit.

  • By Judy -

    The wine may be palatable but I’d never consider trying it based on the ad. Does their marketing team never read blog posts? Completely tasteless!

  • By Candy -

    While the ad is pointless and does nothing to make me wish to purchase the wine, insulting women for being overly thin is no different than insults for being ‘plus sized’. Shame on the ad designers for the decision to only hire thin models, but please consider the feelings of the women who you, as commenters, are deeming ‘grossly underweight’ and ‘anorexic’ simply because they may have a different body type than what you consider normal or healthy.

  • By Viv -

    Thank you. I weigh about what the women in the jumpsuit does ( if you look she is not very tall, at least she is wearing very high heels, yet she is visibly much shorter than the other actors. Yes, it’s true the average woman in America does not resemble her, but some of us do, and not all of us are at all anorexic. I DO have a connective tissue disorder, but I am very tired of people assuming all thin people are anorexics. Maybe the company does hire thin models, however no one should HAVE to feel bad ( or be told by strangers to “ eat a sandwich “ can’t we celebrate diversity without putting down slim or curvy? That would be REALLY nice.

  • By Jan -

    I came on here just to say that I can’t stand that commercial–especially the ridiculous way the gal in the green jumpsuit walks into the room. Who really walks like that besides someone on the runway. It just looks like a party full of “look at me, I’m beautiful” types.

  • By B -

    Amen. I looked up the comments because of the anorexic people in the commercial it’s all been said. Pull the ad it’s disgusting.

  • By Alia -

    This commercial annoyed me when it first came out because of all the ultra skinny actors. I felt like “who would make such a horrible ad??!!”. Now I see it’s back on the air so I googled hoping to find company to complain to and instead found all of these similar comments. I am happy I’m not alone in feeling disgusted with the message and boycotting their product. Thank you winecurmudgeon for allowing me to vent!

  • By Catherine -

    I am glad to see I’m not the only person who cannot stand this commercial with everyone in it looking like a “stick figure”. This commercial has been playing ENDLESSLY this holiday season (and I was really hoping it would be over by New Year’s Eve). Oh no! It has played at least twice in the last 20 minutes.

  • By Nick -

    Apparently Kim Crawford received similar feedback to some of the negative comments here. They have stopped showing their commercial showing happy, healthy, nicely dressed people having fun at a dinner party, set to cheerful instrumental music. Their new, Summer 2019 American campaign is female oriented, and features an American R&B singer with an aggressive tone, and shows “empowered” women strutting around, also looking angry and displaying a bold attitude. Its interesting that American women (or at least the commenters here), seem to think that thin women are only placed in commercials as objects and for “fat shaming” reasons. They fail to realize that the high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle of so many Americans make them heavier, on average, than many people in the rest of the world. I believe the average New Zealander (where Kim Crawford originates), would find the fit actors and actresses much less abnormal-looking.

  • By Tiffany Daniels -

    I thought the outrage was going to be WAY bigger than this. Every time I see this commercial, I look at every person to see if ANYONE looks average size… even the men have a tiny waist. It reminds me of the story I heard, from a while ago, when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were starting to become famous. Allegedly, their guests at a party had to weigh themselves before they can enter the party. If they were over a certain weight (I can’t remember the number, but it was a ridiculously low number) they were denied access. No wonder woman have image issues.

  • By Linda Geiter -

    I absolutely love this commercial! It seems to me that the people complaining about may have some body image issues themselves.

  • By Meow -

    I don’t think the ad has anything to do with skinny women. I think it has to do with the attraction between the 2 women. As many of the other post it said on here sex sells. This is the only commercial I’ve seen for this line of wine. On that note I think it’s a very strange commercial. It is puzzling. It doesn’t appear to be selling the product. Maybe that’s the marketing idea. It draws you in with unexplained questions to attract attention. But it doesn’t attract attention to the product.

  • By Mary -

    Stupid commercial…will certainly not even consider this wine because of this stupid commercial…

  • By Lawrence Jacobs -

    Do any of the people who watch this drivel or actually buy the wine know that Kim Crawford is a man, baby! The women in the ad think they’re buying some female power.

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