Tuesday wine bits 68: Wine labels, Amy Culbertson, cutting supply

? Wine label web site: The people behind LocalWineEvents.com have come up with a web site to help those of us who can ?t remember the name of a wine, but do remember the label. It ?s called WineLabelWorld.com, and features labels from around the world. It works by using an image keyword search, which helps wine drinkers find the actual label, which is displayed on the site. You can also browse the site by country.

? A fond farewell: The woman who gave the Wine Curmudgeon his name is retiring from the newspaper business. Amy Culbertson, the food editor at the Star-Telegram newspaper in Fort Worth, didn ?t have to think very hard to come up with it when we were brainstorming ideas for the wine column I write for the paper. It was, she said, a natural. And she was right, of course. Amy was a pro, one of the finest people I have worked with. The newspaper business, which is having troubles enough, will be hard-pressed to replace Amy (and the thousands like her) who are leaving in the wake of the industry ?s financial problems.

? When it doubt, make less: Knob Creek, a high-end bourbon, has what appears to be an interesting solution to the recession. It ?s making less bourbon. I got a news release from the company, warning me that it will be more difficult to find the whiskey in stores this year. The release, written in PR-speak, is a little fuzzy. But what I think it means is that the company had two choices ? cut costs by making a less premium spirit, or make less. It opted for the latter. It ?s an approach with much to recommend it, since the market is about to be flooded with high-end wines that have been marked down significantly in order to sell them.

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