Tuesday tidbits 59: Texas wine at the White House, wine packaging, iPod breathalyzer

? A big-time Texas recommendation: Lettie Teague, the executive wine editor at Food and Wine, told a California newspaper that president-elect Barack Obama needs to add some regional wine to the White House list. "As a New Yorker, I'd like to see some New York wines represented — we were a huge state for him," she said with a laugh, suggesting a sauvignon blanc or cabernet from the North Fork region or a Finger Lakes Riesling. Other picks: a Washington state merlot, "because I feel they really do that grape well," a hearty California zinfandel and "to show that he is an all-inclusive sort, I would throw in a viognier from Texas." Nicely done. Can the Wine Curmudgeon suggest the Becker, McPherson and Brennan viogniers? And maybe we should recruit Teague for DrinkLocaWine.com?

? Boxes instead of bottles: Glen Ellen and Fish Eye will replace its four-packs of 187-milliliter bottles with a more environmentally-friendly four-pack of 250-milliliter Tetra Paks.This, by itself, is not that big a deal. Glen, Ellen, for example, probably sells most of its wine in 1.5-liter bottles, and these represent just a small portion of its sales. Plus, since the packages are bigger, they ?ll cost more. But it is indicative of a trend that is apparently hear to stay. My pal John Palazzo, who is a packaging expert, discusses this here.

? Blow into your iPod, please: Attach this gizmo, called the iBreath, to the bottom of your iPod and you can tell if you ?re too drunk to drive. There ?s also a timer to remind you to check your blood alcohol level to see if it has gone down. And, believe it or not, the iBreath doubles as an FM transmitter. The cost is $79.

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