Tuesday tidbits 56: Direct shipping, sulfites, wine in a tube

? Direct shipping update: The Massachusetts Supreme Court struck down that state ?s direct shipping law, which will likely give the state ?s wine drinkers the chance to buy wine from any producer in the U.S. Currently, Massachusetts consumers are limited by a direct shipping law that requires out of state wineries to get permits. The state court said was in violation of the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing direct shipping.

image ? Wine in a tube: Because I love stories about wine that doesn ?t come in a bottle. California ?s Four Winery has produced wine in a tube ? a 3-three liter box (the equivalent of four bottles) that looks like a cylinder. Currently, the winery only produces cabernet sauvignon, but expects to add chardonnay, merlot, and pinot grigio next year. Price is about $39.

? Wine and sulfites: This may be well be the best explanation I have ever seen for sulfites and wine. It ?s so good, in fact, that I ?m going to borrow it. Sulfites are not some evil additive that Simon Legree-like winemakers toss in to make us sick. Rather, notes Julia Timakhovich. ?Sulfites are a naturally occurring by-product of fermentation, and they are also added to wine after fermentation to prevent the growth of bacteria and make the wine "stable" [so] the taste will not change during transportation and storage, and the wine will be ageable. Pretty much all wine produced is made with added sulfites. ?

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