Tuesday tidbits 42

Kerrville wines: The Wine Curmudgeon had a terrific time at the 17th annual Kerrville Wine & Music Festival over the weekend, where I talked about Texas warm weather red wines with Llano Estacado’s Mark Hyman, my pal John Bratcher, and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience. We featured Homestead Red ($13), a blend of ruby cabernet, merlot and pinot noir, from Homestead Winery in Ivanhoe; and three Rhone-style blends: Llano’s Melange ($11), which used to be called Signature Rhone Red), Becker Vineyard’s Prairie Roti ($17), and McPherson Cellar’s Tre Colore ($13).

More on the fake wine award: An astute letter writer tells the San Francisco Chronicle: “If I said I had invented the world’s fastest computer and told fake details about it without ever having to prove it existed, would I deserve to get a high-tech innovation award for inventing the world’s fastest computer.” The comment is astute and should answer all questions about this dustup.

Free wine: Wineries send me samples to taste, which I have noted. Rodney Strong has changed the rules of this game for bloggers, and this has caused a bit of cyber commotion. Some of it is of the “Are bloggers really critics?” argument, which I’m quite tired of. I write for the mainstream media and I do this, and as long as someone does the work, their platform doesn’t matter. Some of it is the conditions Rodney Strong placed on the bloggers, which don’t seem onerous. This controversy strikes me as something else for wine people to argue about that no one else is interested in. We like to do that.