Tuesday tidbits 35

? So you want to own a winery? Then be prepared to pony up piles and piles of cash. Forbes takes a look what it takes to go into the wine business, and the verdict is millions of dollars. Land prices, legal and business red tape, and the vagaries of farming call come into play. Says one successful executive turned wine entrepreneur: ?Before I knew it, I was into it for $15 million, It was like the blink of an eye. I didn’t see it coming at all."

? French court says no to St. Emilion classification: The court said that the wine classification system in the region on Bordeaux ?s right bank was flawed, and that it couldn ?t be used to rate wine by quality. The irony here is that the St. Emilion system is infinitely more sensible than the more famous system used on the left bank in the Medoc. In St. Emilion, the ratings are reviewed every 10 years. In the Medoc, they ?ve changed just once since 1855. But, as I used to tell my Cordon Bleu students, that ?s the way they do it in France.

? Southwest wine winners: Colorado ?s Guy Drew Vineyards won a gold and the best red designation for its 2004, while New Mexico Wineries won a gold and the best white accolade for its 2007 San Felipe Moscato. They topped the winners at the Southwest  Wine Competition, part of the Toast of Taos. I was impressed with a sherry-like wine from Oklahoma ?s Deer Creek called Trois Elise, which won a silver.

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