The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine

Kickstarter video wine curmudgeonThe Wine Curmudgeon has vowed, more than once, to never write another book. Let it be said that the horror stories you hear about publishers are true and leave it at that. And agents aren ?t much better ? see Raymond Chandler ?s essay, ?Ten Percent of Your Life. ?

However, in today ?s publishing world, you don ?t need a publisher or an agent, so I don ?t have any excuses. Hence the forthcoming publication of ?The Wine Curmudgeon ?s Guide to Cheap Wine, ? which should be available in time for Mother ?s and Father ?s Day.

Look for the ebook at $9.95 and the paperback at $14.95. It will be for sale on the blog, as well as the usual Internet and digital retailers.

More, after the jump, including the video I made to promote the book on Kickstarter:

The book will expand on the topics I ?ve written about here for the past five years, as well as offer new insights, wisdom and advice about cheap wine (plus, not surprisingly, a rant or two). How about an English-WineSpeak dictionary as one chapter? As I wrote on the book ?s Kickstarter site: ?Everything you need to know about cheap wine from someone who has made it his life ?s work ? and isn ?t embarrassed about it in the least. ?

Yes, Kickstarter. Everyone I talked to about the book said I should raise money through Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website. Think of it as a public television pledge drive without the annoying program interruptions. Frankly, that ?s not something that those of us who are of a certain age and grew up in the Midwest do. But this is the 21st century, and I have learned to tweet. So Kickstarter it is.

And, In one other respect, Kickstarter makes sense. The blog has always been about democratizing wine and helping visitors make up their own minds about what to drink. So why not give you a chance to participate in publishing it? And, since it ?s Kickstarter, I ?m offering very snazzy premiums that include more than copies of the ebook and paperback. How about a wine store shopping expedition with the Wine Curmudgeon?

Clicking on the Kickstarter link above will take you to the site — you’ll find instructions, plus premiums, for contributing. The video I made for the project is below (and thanks to Can Turkyilmaz, who shot it in just two takes).

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