The Wine Curmudgeon’s favorite posts of 2017

These six posts weren’t necessarily the best read, but they were among my favorite posts of 2017

Anyone can do a top 10 list, but only the Wine Curmudgeon can do year-end top 10 list that is different from everyone else’s. Hence these six posts, which I thought were among the best I wrote in 2016 – the third time I have done this exercise.

Note that these aren’t necessarily the best-read posts; Google, rather than my brilliance as a writer, determines that. Rather, these are the posts that I enjoyed writing, thought were important to write, or both. But they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite posts of 2017:

What do we call legalized marijuana, now that it is for in sale in one form or another in more than half the states? This post combined a bit of humor with the reminder that legal weed is going to hurt wine, even if no one in the wine business wants to worry about it. In fact, several people canceled their email subscriptions to the blog shortly after they received the post.

• The annual Halloween post usually does poorly, but this year’s did even worse. Frankly, it was some of my best writing, and it featured Dr. Who. What wasn’t there to like, what with the Doctor and cheap wine?

• We finally have nutritional labels for booze, so why not for wine? What more needs to be done to convince the wine business to take this step to bring their product into the 21st century?

• My on-going struggles with the post-modern PR business may not seem like something you should care about, but wine drinkers are the biggest losers when critics shill for crummy wine. And we’re expected to do that all the time. And, to add insult to injury, a couple of months after this post ran, a PR flack sent me an email that contained almost everything I complained about in the post – including how much he enjoyed reading the blog.

• The wine business turns a blind eye to the neo-Prohibitionists who want to make drinking more difficult, and that includes legal, perfectly acceptable two glasses of wine with dinner drinking. Hence, this reminder from Iran, where Prohibition has been the law for decades, and how banning booze doesn’t work – even when the penalty for drinking is death.

• Finally, the idea that accessing the Internet for sites like mine may become a thing of the past. This is the only political piece I wrote in 10 years, and it was almost completely ignored. Net neutrality – the idea that everyone should be able to access everything in the cyber-ether without paying extra or suffering speed reductions or restrictions – is as important as a free press. But the FCC thinks otherwise; the regulator has abdicated its duty to protect consumers to help companies like AT&T get even richer. This is so horrendous a decision that I can see a time in the near future when I have to give up the blog because I can’t pay for the special access that Internet operators will demand from websites and content providers. Because, if I don’t pay, you’ll try to get the site and your cursor will just spin and spin and spin, and what’s the point of a website no one can access?

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