The Wine Curmudgeon’s cava adventure, part II

This is the second of two parts about cava, the Spanish sparkling wine — reviews of many of the cavas I tasted. The first part, an overview of cava, posted Feb. 3.

Mini-reviews of some of the cavas that I tasted during my Spanish adventure. Full disclaimer: The trip was paid for by cava producer Segura Viudas, which is part of one of the largest cava companies in the world. But no quid pro quo was part of the trip, and I have not agreed to write anything in exchange for being invited. The reviews, after the jump:

? Segura Viudas Brut Reserva ($10, sample): Classic Wine Curmudgeon-style cava, which means great value, some lemon and lime fruit, and a much better than $10 wine type of finish. A step up from Cristalino and Freixenet (which is owned by the company that owns Segura Viudas).

? Segura Viudas Brut Rose ($10, sample): Don’t expect lots of fruit; the wine is made with Spanish red grapes trepat and garnacha, which produce much less berry flavor than rose sparklers made with pinot noir. Again, another fine value.

? Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad ($22, sample): This is the pewter bottle wine, and it’s about as fancy as most cavas get. It’s a little more sophisticated than the $10 wines — not quite as tight, with more of a finish and a little more champagne style. This is a wonderful gift wine.

? Segura Viudas Aria Pinot Noir ($13, sample, limited availability): The only cava that really disappointed me. It’s made with pinot noir, so it’s fruitier, but was also softer than I like.

? Els Cupatges de Mestres ($15, purchased, very limited availability): Would that this was regularly available in the U.S. Yes, it’s twice as good as Cristalino, and we know how much I like Cristalino.

? Mestres Cava Elena de Mestres ($25, purchased, very limited availability): This rose is one of the best cavas I’ve ever had, with a beautiful light pink color, cranberry aromas and fruit, a tight, singular bubble stream, and a long, mineral finish.

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