The Wine Curmudgeon as hipster: Dude, he likes rose

I totally get the resemblance… hat and beard and even glasses.

The news is official, from not just Deadspin and Details, which are about as hipster as post-modern media get, but from Manhattan sommeliers — and even their more hip Brooklyn brethren: “Dude, we’re drinking rose.” “Bro, you are so right.”

This is so exciting that the Wine Curmudgeon, given his long love and advocacy of rose, is going to grow one of those hipster beards and wear one of those hipster hats. Because, dude, rose is freakin’ awesome. Fist bump here.

On the one hand, I should be thrilled that the hipsters have embraced rose, because anyone embracing rose is a good thing in the fight for quality cheap wine, given that it’s almost impossible to find a $10 pink wine that isn’t worth drinking. Plus, that people who may not know wine, who usually drink craft beer or artisan cocktails made with pickle brine, are now drinking rose is something to be much appreciated.

On the other hand, why is this trend — any wine trend, really — only official if a Manhattan sommelier approves of it? Why can’t it be a trend if a cranky, middle-aged ex-sportswriter who lives in the middle of the country approves of it? And, regardless of the personal insult to me, why isn’t it a trend because rose sales have been spiking upward for a couple of years — without any help from people who work at what the Details article called a Brooklyn “fauxhemian” hangout?

Just chill, dude.

Maybe so. The Wine Curmudgeon has been known to visit Manhattan (Brooklyn, even). So, in the spirit of rose-mance, I will bring rose with me the next time I go, and not the usual Provencal pink the hipsters know. How about South African rose? Or Spanish rose? Or even Texas rose? Because, bro, I want to, like, be totally cool with that.


2 thoughts on “The Wine Curmudgeon as hipster: Dude, he likes rose

  • By Jameson Fink -

    I’m happy to follow wine trends instigated by a cranky, middle-aged ex-sportswriter who lives in the middle of the country. So un-trendy it’s trendy? Pass the Mulderbosch ros??!

    Also, is that a photo of a twentysomething Wine Curmudgeon?

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      You’re very kind, Mr. Fink, especially since you are very au courant. In fact, had some Mulderbosch rose last night, $10 from the grocery store.

      That’s an Internet picture. My beard was never that red, and I’m so blind without my glasses that even prescription sun glasses give me trouble.

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