All about the Wine Curmudgeon

Zix24cawx9p3zcae2p2iwcalz0v5ocatdt0Welcome to the Wine Curmudgeon, overseen by Jeff Siegel. I’m a nationally known wine writer whose work has appeared in a variety of newspapers and regional and national magazines. In everything I write, my philosophy is the same: The wine industry tries to intimidate consumers instead of educating them — and nuts to that.

Q. What does that mean?

A. You won’t see wine speak here, wine scores and ratings, or hoity-toity writing that implies that I’m better or cooler or neater than you are. Because I’m not. I just drink more wine.

Q. So what will you write?

A. Common sense articles about wine, written to help you understand what’s available and what it tastes like, as well as tips and advice about buying and drinking wine. My goal? Offer the information, and let you make the decision.

Q. Which means?

A. Reviews, national and Dallas-Fort Worth area news, a discussion of trends like cute labels and high alcohol levels, the occasional metaphysical speculation about wine (is $100 wine 10 times better than $10 wine?), and an eclectic assortment of tidbits, odds and ends, and miscellanea.

Q. Where can I find the wine you write about?

A. Most of it is generally available; check with your local liquor or wine store. If it isn’t, I’ll make sure to mention it.

Q. What if I disagree with you?

A. Then let me know. Your opinions are always welcome — either by commenting on a post by clicking the comments link at the bottom of the article or by sending me an email. Just keep in mind that the atmosphere here is cordial, which means we don’t use any of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words. It’s not only OK to disagree — agreeing to disagree is encouraged.