The ultimate do-it-yourself wine review

Tired of the Winestream Media and tasting notes that make no sense at all? Tired of the Wine Curmudgeon whining about the Winestream Media and its heavy handed ways?

Then write your own wine review. It ?s fun and easy ? just click on the drop-down menus and you ?re set. Those of you who get the blog via email or on Facebook may have to go the website — just click here to do so.

I bought this wine at the

I wasn’t sure what to buy, so I bought


The wine tasted like

I’m not sure if I liked the wine, because

Still, I guess I’m supposed to give the wine a score, so it gets

A tip o’ the Wine Curmudgeon’s fedora to Al Yellon at the baseball blog Bleed Cubbie Blue, who gave me the idea for this and has to write about the Cubs every day. He has my sympathy.