The second ultimate do-it-yourself wine review

wine reviewOne of the Wine Curmudgeon’s goals, which says a lot about my perspective, is to make wine writing unnecessary. If I do a good enough of job teaching people about wine with the book, on the blog, and in the classroom, then we won’t need the Winestream Media, its indecipherable tasting notes, its fawning over wine no one can buy, and its arrogance. After that, of course, I’ll start working on world peace.

Until then, you can write your own wine review, using the handy drop-down menus in this post. Those of you who get the blog via email or on Facebook may have to go the website — click here to do so. And, if you like this one, you can go here and complete the first ultimate do-it-yourself wine review.

This wine is

It tastes

One thing I did notice:

I think the wine would pair with

I liked the wine well enough, but

I suppose I have to give it a score, so

4 thoughts on “The second ultimate do-it-yourself wine review

  • By Heidi McLain -

    This is great! Somebody should make a game out of this. Oh, somebody did…

  • By Don Carter -

    Bravo Curmudgeon! Once this do it yourself guide gets popular I expect we’ll see a surge in new wine blogs.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      You mean that’s not how everyone does it now, Don?

  • By paul wagner -

    Wonderful stuff. I can hardly wait to put it to use!

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