The not quite 2018 April Fool’s wine post

april fool's wine postWhy write an April Fool’s wine post this year when so much of the wine business already makes us laugh?

The Wine Curmudgeon didn’t write an April Fool’s wine post this year. For one thing, too many people believed last year’s post, that the Wine Spectator bought the blog. I’m not sure if that speaks to our post-modern media world, or merely highlights my brilliant writing. It’s probably more of the first, though I prefer to think it’s the latter.

For another, the wine world has become so weird that I don’t have to make anything up to make people laugh. Apothic’s coffee-flavored wine, anyone? Or zombie virtual reality wine labels? Or Amazon’s employee-less store – unless you want to buy wine? Or the high-end wine review website that charges its highest subscription fee not to consumers, but to members of the wine trade?

And this doesn’t take into account how Google brings visitors to the blog, which is about as surreal as it gets. I’m more or less the only professional wine writer who takes cheap wine seriously, but that doesn’t stop these Google-driven types from complaining that I don’t appreciate cheap wine. Or criticizing what one commenter called my “holier than thou” attitude. Which, of course, leads to an even more surreal question: If I don’t and if I am, what am I doing here?

So I hope you had an enjoyable April Fool’s Day yesterday. The links for previous April Fool’s wine posts areat the bottom of this post if you want a chuckle or two.

And remember – in a wine world where critically acclaimed, $25 wine can contain fake oak, a boost in color from something like Mega Purple, and tree sap, who needs to celebrate April 1 just once a year? Every day can be April Fool’s Day.

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