The Judgment of Paris on canvas

judgement of parisOr, did George Taber really dress like that? Actually, I kind of like his Huggy Bear look (the original, and not the remake). Not enough men wearing hats anymore.

The painting, done in the style of Da Vinci ?s “Last Supper,” was commissioned by Peter Michael of the self-named Napa cult winery. Decanter, which published the painting, reports that the work depicts the moment when everyone at the tasting discovered that the California wines had ranked higher than the French ? ?a circumstance unthinkable in the mid-1970s. ? There ?s that British talent for understatement, no?

That ?s Taber, the only journalist at the 1976 event, at the far right. I asked him what he thought of the likeness, and he said it was closer to reality than his character had been in ?Bottle Shock, ? the movie made about the Judgment. There, apparently, he looked liked a chubby Columbo (played by Louis Giambalvo). Which, of course, George does not look like.

Want a bigger, easier to see version of the painting? Click on the picture, and then click on the painting at the Decanter page.

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