The cheap wine poll 2018

cheap wine poll 2018Voting is closed in the cheap wine poll 2018.

Dec. 14 update: Bogle takes the lead in the cheap wine poll. Voting ends at midnight today.

Welcome to the Wine Curmudgeon’s cheap wine poll 2018, the sixth annual. Voting ends at midnight Dec. 14. I’ll post the results on Dec. 17. Vote for one brand only, and just one vote per person. Click on the respective buttons next to each entry at the bottom of this post. If you get the blog via RSS or email, click here to vote on the blog.

Share the poll with your friends and fellow cheap wine drinkers by clicking on any of the social media buttons at the end of the post. The first five polls attracted some 18,000 visitors. The winners:

Falesco Vitiano in 2013

Bogle in 2014, 2015, and 2017

McManis in 2016.

There are 8 producers for 2018; I trimmed the list to those that actually get votes. Plus, you’ll be able to add write-ins this year, something many of you have requested.


6 thoughts on “The cheap wine poll 2018

  • By David Spahr - Reply

    Members Mark Black Point red blend is very good cheap wine.

  • By Mike - Reply

    My vote for 2018 cheap (er, inexpensive) wine of the year is McManis. The merlot and petite sirah are both extremely well made and balanced. No flaws, and consistently good.

  • By Under the Influence - Reply

    Is this a contest among brands or wines? Bogle makes about a dozen different wines, none of which I would rate as highly as the Falesco Vitiano Umbria IGT red blend (In the US, there is also a white and rose Vitiano but you rarely see them). If you do this contest again, perhaps it should be among individual wines, in categories such as red, white, rose, sparkling.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Brands.. which it says in the post. The $10 Hall of Fame is for individual wines.

  • By Under the Influence - Reply

    Who drinks brands?

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Many people. That’s the point of the poll. Say, you’ll will drink Bogle reds, for instance, or McManis whites, because they know the brand and trust them.

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