The blog’s year end, holiday, and 2020 $10 Hall of Fame schedule

Get ready: The next 10 weeks include the blog’s 12th annual Birthday Week and giveaways, lots of holiday wine and gift suggestions, and the 2020 $10 Hall of Fame and Cheap Wine of the Year

• Birthday Week, celebrating 12 years of cheap wine enthusiasm, begins Nov. 18. Included among the giveaways is a $100 gift card from, and wine glasses.

• Our Thanksgiving wine suggestions will appear Nov. 22, with Christmas and New Year’s wine ideas on Dec. 20 and Dec. 26.

• The always popular Do it Yourself wine resolutions is set for Jan. 2.

• The 2020 $10 Hall of Fame will make its 13th appearance on Jan. 10, with the 2020 Cheap Wine of the Year on Jan. 9. As always, you can email me with suggestions for either. Given the 25 percent wine tariff and the continuing effects of premiumization, any help is much appreciated. You can check out eligibility rules here.

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