The blog moves to a paid newsletter today

texas wineWelcome to the paid version of the Wine Curmudgeon

Today is the debut of the paid blog newsletter. If you’re getting this, that means you support what we’re trying do here – help wine drinkers find great cheap wine.

You’ll get all of the same features as before, as well as access to the almost 4,000 posts and 13 years of cheap wine news on the website. That includes the Hall of Fame and Cheap Wine of the Year, plus 52 wines of the week that focus on value and quality. If you didn’t get an email with website log-in information, let me know.

Plus, I’m still keeping my reporter’s eye on the wine business, so you’ll know about all of the foolishness perpetrated to sell you wine that you don’t want to drink at a price you don’t want to pay.

So enjoy. Because wine should be fun and not a maze of scores and winespeak, yes?