The blog moves to a paid newsletter on Monday

texas wineThe paid version of the Wine Curmudgeon debuts on Monday

The free version of the blog ends today, so anyone who gets the posts via FeedBlitz (the email with all the ads) won’t get any more blog posts. After today, you’ll have to subscribe to get some of the most honest, straightforward wine writing on the Internet. And, as a bonus, without ads. Current subscribers can continue for a 20 percent discount — just $56 a year. Click this link to subscribe.

Yes, one media publishing empire had a different approach to the revenue dilemma — start an online casino. But, frankly, I’m a lousy gambler; I don’t bluff enough and I play much too conservatively. I would drive the people around me at the blackjack table crazy. So I probably don’t have the chops to become the next great casino mogul, and will stick to paid subscriptions.

And, if you subscribe, nothing else will change. You’ll still get all of the same features and the blog will still focus on the wine that most of us can afford to buy – wine costing less than $15 (and usually much less than that). The Hall of Fame and Cheap Wine of the Year aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll still get 52 wines of the week that focus on value and quality. In addition, subscribers will get access to some 13 years of wine writing and almost 4,000 posts.

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