The 2009 $10 Hall of Fame

Break out the bubbly -- it's time to celebrate the new $10 wine hall of fame. And it ?s full of good news, detailing one of the best years for cheap wine since I started doing this almost 10 years ago.

The full list, with links to previous Hall of Fames, is here. You can also click on the link on the left sidebar. Briefly:

? No wine dropped out because it dropped in quality,  the first time in three years that has happened.

? I added five wines, including the Yellow+Blue malbec; Meridian ?s chardonnay; the Les Jamelles wines from southern France; Domaine du Tariquet from Gascony; and Lockwood sauvignon blanc.

? If I wasn ?t such a curmudgeon, I could have added 10 or 12 wines. The quality in 2008 was that good. But I don ?t want this to turn into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Comments are most welcome on the selections.

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