Thanksgiving wine 2014

Thanksgiving wine 2014The Wine Curmudgeon got a press release last week touting a big-time California producer’s five pinot noirs for Thanksgiving. Because, I suppose, we’re supposed to drink pinot noir for Thanksgiving.

Excuse me while I throw a fit. Is this 1985, when we could only drink certain wines with certain foods at certain times? Of course not. This is the 21st century, when we can drink what we want when we want with whatever food we want. Which makes Thanksgiving the greatest wine holiday in the world, since it is about and variety and being thankful for all those choices.

Guidelines for holiday wine buying are here; this year ?s suggestions are after the jump:

? Estancia Pinot Grigio 2013 ($10, purchased, 13%): This California grocery store white is made for Thanksgiving and large gatherings — a solid, competent, and professional Big Wine product. More in the pinot gris style, which means lime fruit (lots, actually), so not as restrained or as quinine-like as Italian pinot grigio.

? Mas Fi Cava Brut NV ($10, sample, 11.5%): Dry Spanish sparkler is one more in a long of quality wines that provide exceptional value in cava. Look for fine, tight bubbles, some almost nectarine fruit, and even a little Champagne-style creaminess.

? Domaine Henri Darnat Bourgogne La Jumalie 2011 ($20, sample, 13%): About as elegant and restrained as a pinot noir from Burgundy can be at this price, with red fruit (strawberry?) and a slight peppery note. It’s not powerful and not especially earthy, though there is a little of the latter.

? Spy Valley Riesling 2013 ($17, purchased, 13%): This is what New World dry riesling is supposed to taste like, with layers and layers of flavor (some peach?), luscious, and a hint of sweetness. One of my all-time favorite wines that’s almost impossible to find in Dallas because too many of us want wines that hit us in the head with a brick.

? Local wine, because Thanksgiving was the first local food holiday (and a tip o’ the Curmudgeon’s fedora to Richard Leahy for that). Not sure how to find local wine? Check out your state’s winemaker’s association, just a Google search away.

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  • By WN -

    What does this mean ?

    this year???s suggestions are after the jump:


    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Click on the headline at the top of the post, and it will call up the entire post.

  • By Jameson Fink -

    Mas Fi is a perennial favorite Cava for the price.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      I am still amazed by the high quality of so much cheap Cava. How do the Spanish do it?

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