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One more example why TV wine ads are so awful

Nielsen announced its best TV ads for alcohol products from the first part of 2015. The wine winner points out yet again just how sad TV wine advertising is and how little it has changed from the Orson Welles and Riunite days of my youth.

The winning ad, chosen from those that aired in the first two quarters last year, was a 15-second spot for Woodbridge, the $8 grocery store wine from Constellation’s Robert Mondavi label. It’s mostly shots of women of a certain age — and a dog — holding wine glasses by the bowl and laughing. It has the lowest “brand memorability index” of the five winning ads (two beers, a spirits, and a cider) and the best the analysis could say was that the ad “established an ownable creative concept over time that creates an emotional connection with viewers.”

If this is the winner, how bad were the losers ?You can see the Woodbridge spot below; perhaps an ad type who is reading this could explain if an “ownable creative concept” is a good thing.

I’ve never been able to figure out why TV wine ads are so awful. Maybe it’s for the same reason that TV wine shows are usually boring — there just isn’t much visually interesting about drinking wine.

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