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The seventh annual do-it-yourself wine review

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Let’s see: “This rose tastes like a red when you close your eyes.” Now that’s wine writing!

The blog’s seventh annual do-it-yourself wine review — because no matter how much we hope otherwise, wine remains entirely too pompous

The do-it-yourself wine review has long been one of my favorite blog features, allowing me to prick wine’s pomposity, get some humor on the site, and pretend I know how to use HTML.

This year: Four rose wine reviews, and yes, I sort of stole most of the answers from actual reviews. As always, thanks to Al Yellon, since I stole the idea from him all those years ago.

This year, you’ll need to go to the old website to enjoy the post, since Substack doesn’t allow the necessary coding. So follow this link, and then click the drop-down menu and choose your favorite line.


This California rose:

This French rose:

This Italian rose:

This Spanish rose:

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