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“Learn French by drinking wine” – the road to becoming a YouTube star

youtubeWho knew getting drunk on camera was the best way for your video to go viral on YouTube?

If you write for the Internet, you spend a disproportionate amount of your day worrying about visitor numbers, bounce rate, click throughs, and other assorted metrics.

What a waste of time.

That’s because content doesn’t necessarily matter – going viral on YouTube does. The authority is a British website called The Register, which tracks just such Internet shenanigans. It advises those of us who do this for a living to forget about trying to inform anyone, but to:

“Drink. Lots. Fratboy antics rack up views like no one’s business, dude. So grab yourself a bottle of cheap beer/spirits/cleaning fluid, set your webcam going, and prepare for fame. If you can manage to be sick at the end of it, so much the better.”

Its case in point in this video, “An American Drunk,” posted by gogo22. As near as I can tell, the guy in the video is listening to a French language lesson while drinking four bottles of French wine (the infamously cheap L’Epayrie Blanc, about $5 a bottle). And, as the Register advises, getting drunk.

The video is too long – more than five minutes – and too static to seem to have much of a chance of going viral. I’ve been told the best viral candidates should be short, direct, immediate and feature a cute animal or baby. But I did start writing on a typewriter with carbon paper, so what do I know about 21st century technology?

You can judge for yourself – the video is at the end of the post. Hopefully, this isn’t a feature I need to add to the blog.

Restaurant wine: Even James Bond gets lousy service

We’ve lamented the state of restaurant wine on the blog quite a bit this year, and it’s always one of the most common questions I get when I talk to wine drinkers. But lamentable is nothing new. Even James Bond, the coolest spy in the world, must endure it.

Witness this scene from “Diamonds are Forever.” You’d think a Bond villain posing as a waiter would know that a claret is a red wine from Bordeaux. How else is he is going to be able to kill Bond without being killed himself?

Video courtesy of DaveG78’s channel via Youtube

restaurant-only wines

When wine education fails — badly

The Wine Curmudgeon laughed so hard at this video that I woke up one of my dogs.

Want to know how badly the wine business has educated wine drinkers? Then watch this 2:08 animated short, courtesy of downtowndonald at YouTube. The best exchange? How about: “I don’t like red wine.” “Too bad. This got 95 points.” “Then I’ll buy a case.”

And a word about Xtranormal, the software used to make this video: It was brilliant, and allowed anyone with basic computer skills to make funny little movies. I did a couple of videos here, as well as other sites I have written for over the years. But it disappeared in 2013, and I have never found anything to replace it. If anyone knows of an alternative, let me know.

And a tip o’ the Curmudgeon’s fedora to Kermit Woodall for helping me rescue this post when it vanished for about 18 hours during was I switched servers for the blog.

The dog days of summer

The Wine Curmudgeon apologizes in advance for this post.

But I couldn’t help myself. It allowed me to use a groan-worthy headline and make a Monty Python reference, the Curmudgeon’s days don’t get much better than that.

Plus, given how the Internet works, how could I not post a viral puppy video?

The dog is Ralfi, a whippet and Jack Russell mix, reports Decanter, the British wine magazine (and where apparently no one had anything better to do, either). The video is courtesy of Jenny Eberhart via YouTube.

Buzzfeed puts wine in its place

The Buzzfeed website, the arbiter of all things cool for everyone who isn’t an old white guy, takes on wine in this 3:20 video. And wine doesn’t come off well — at all. Or, as one of the participants says, “I could get really drunk on that.”

The Wine Curmudgeon mentions this as part of my decades-long campaign to demystify the wine business, on the assumption that consumers will drink more wine and enjoy it more if they understand it. Also, to remind my colleagues that most U.S. wine drinkers don’t care about toasty and oaky, points, or orange wine. They want affordable quality, and quality is not measured by most of the foolishness we bore them with.

Because, as another video participant says, “Oh, these wines, they really taste like something you’d pour on a cut.”

Second Cheapest Wine

Second Cheapest Wine

Second Cheapest WineThe Wine Curmudgeon has often lamented the quality of wine humor, but here is something that’s not only funny, but entirely too accurate. Consider just these two lines from a fake commercial for a product called Second Cheapest Wine: “You don’t know much about wine, but you do know that you shouldn’t get the cheapest. That’s why we make it easy for you to get the Second Cheapest.”

The bit takes on restaurants, wine snobs, wine education, and wine stores — and all in only 1:19. And with impressive production values. This is so good, in fact, that I should send the authors a copy of the cheap wine book.

So enjoy — Second Cheapest Wine, from CollegeHumor.com, via YouTube: