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So long, Kuvee wine gadget – we won’t miss you

kuvee wine gadgetThe Kuvee wine gadget failed, says its CEO, because we didn’t appreciate it

The post-modern wine world has surrounded us with foolishness, overpriced wine, and declining quality. That’s what makes the news that the Kuvee wine gadget has failed so refreshing.

The Wine Curmudgeon does not gloat in other people’s failure. Rather, the point here is to acknowledge the good sense of the U.S. wine drinker – that we recognized the Kuvee for what it was: A pricey gadget that didn’t do anything.

As I wrote about a year ago, when the cyber-ether was full of Kuvee hype: “It tells you what the wine is, offers tasting notes, and gives you a chance to order more wine. In other words, almost everything the back label does without spending $150 and being forced to buy wine from Kuvee.”

Of course, the people behind the gadget didn’t acknowledge this. It’s our fault it failed. The company’s CEO blamed “the difficulty of educating the public about the product” as one of the main reasons for its demise. No kidding – just like it’s difficult to educate me about the true value in those emails from African princes who want to give me $1 million.

One bit of silliness down, another gazillion to go. Now, if we can just find a way to get rid those $25 roses that taste like red wine and come in heavy bottles that cost more than the wine inside it does.