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Christmas wine 2016

Holiday wine gift guide 2014

Holiday wine gift guide

Silly yes, but who wouldn’t get a kick out of the High Heel Wine Bottle Caddy?

? Holiday wine trends 2014

If you go by my email, the hottest holiday wine gifts this year are accessories — every day has brought yet another news release with lots of exclamation points and breathless prose. But gadgets, as always, are not at the top of the Wine Curmudgeon’s recommendations. Because the math rarely works out: How many $100 accessories are worth 10 bottles of quality $10 wine? This year’s recommendations are after the jump: Continue reading

Holiday wine gift guide 2012

A few ideas for the wine drinkers on your list. Some general pointers:

? Don’t forget the wine gift-giving guidelines: “Don’t buy someone wine that you think they should like; buy them wine they will like.”

? The Champagne and sparkling wine glossary to make sense of cava and cremant and all the rest.

? Most gadgets never get used after the first couple of times. My rule of thumb: Is the gadget worth its price in quality $10 wine; that is, is a $40 gadget worth four bottles of wine?

Suggestions after the jump:

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Holiday wine gift guide 2011 redux

Still stumped? Never fear. The Wine Curmudgeon has you covered:

? A wine club membership, which doesn’t have to be expensive and can offer the person on your list a chance to try wines they might not normally try. Wine club do’s and don’ts are here.

? Our annual holiday gift guide, which has links to several previous gift guides, as well as a link to the Wine Curmudgeon’s gift giving guidelines.

? The holiday wine category, which has links to all of the posts about holiday wine. And yes, it’s allowed to adapt a Thanksgiving wine for a Christmas or New Year’s gift.

? The expensive wine category, which has links to all of the posts and reviews about expensive wine. Because, frankly, if it’s an expensive wine that I liked, odds are that it would make a nice gift.