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Wine of the week: Lungarotti Torre di Giano 2011

Wine of the week:  Lungarotti Torre di Giano 2011The Wine Curmudgeon tries desperately not to let the wine geek inside him get out, but sometimes it’s very, very difficult. I know I need to taste more cabernet sauvingon and merlot, but, as my pal the Italian Wine Guy says, “If it’s got two grapes no one has ever heard of, you’re going to like it.”

Which bring us to the Lungarotti ($15, purchased, 12%), a white blend from Italy made with three grapes that mostly fall into that category — vermentino, trebbiano, and grechetto. Wine drinkers might know one of them (vermentino isn’t all that rare), but all three? The wine geek in me was salivating. Trebbiano, of course, is the Italian name for my beloved ugni blanc, star of so many fabulous Gascon wines. And the grechetto may be the geekiest of all, a grape that has shown up in only one reveiw here in seven-plus years.

Best yet, the wine did not disappoint, even for $15. It’s a funky and fun blend that tastes more sophisticated than it should, a sign that someone took pride when they put it together. It’s clean and fruity (a little bit of lime zest?) and almost floral, but also crisp and refreshing. Floral wines, typically, aren’t that, another sign of quality. Highly recommended, either with seafood or on its own, and even for those who don’t have a wine geek hiding inside.

The wine geek quiz

image from www.greekmythology.comWine types love to write posts that celebrate their geekiness, and a Google search turns up any number of "You know you're a wine geek when. …" efforts.

This is not one of those. Rather, in the Wine Curmudgeon's on-going effort to offer perspective to an industry that spends way too much time navel gazing, here is a quiz anyone can take to find out if they are, in fact, a wine geek. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Like I said, it's all about perspective. The questions and scoring rules are after the jump (and no, you don't get any points for knowing that the picture is Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and the first wine geek). Feel free to leave your score in the comments:

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