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Thursday Birthday Week giveaway: VinGarde Valise

112014And the winner is: Darcy, who selected 475; the winning number was 369 (screenshot to the left). Thanks to everyone who participated. Tomorrow’s giveaway, the final one for Birthday Week, is the cheap wine book — two autographed copies just in time for the holidays.

Today, to celebrate the blog’s seventh anniversary, we’re giving away The VinGarde Valise, the ultimate wine bottle suitcase. In addition, Wine Curmudgeon readers who like VinGarde on its Facebook page between now and next Thursday will get a 10 percent coupon if they buy the luggage through its website. This is the fourth of five daily giveaways; check out this post to see the prizes for the rest of the week.

Complete contest rules are here. Pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and leave it in the comment section of this post. You can’t pick a number someone else has picked, and you need to leave your guess in the comments section of this post — no email entries or entries on other posts. Unless the number is in the comments section of this post, the entry won’t count.

If you get the blog via email or RSS, you need to go to this post on the website to enter (click the link to get there). At about 5 p.m. central today, I’ll go to random.org and generate the winning number. The person whose entry is closest to that number gets the Vingarde.

The VinGarde Valise

The VinGarde ValiseRegular visitors here know how little use the Wine Curmudgeon has for wine accessories, and especially those that cost $199.99. Nevertheless, there is something about Barry Wax’s VinGarde Valise that makes me want to buy it. Maybe it’s that the video calls Barry the “wine accessories maven.” Regardless, imagine all the $10 wine I could take with me when I fly. Or throw down the stairs without breaking.

And yes, those are real bottles of Chateau Petrus in the video, perhaps the world’s most expensive wine. Barry assured me, though, that they weren’t his. The video, regardless, is much fun: