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Mini-reviews 50: Famaey, The Other, Jekel, Velho

Reviews of wines that don ?t need their own post, but are worth noting for one reason or another. Look for it on the final Friday of each month.

? Ch teau Famaey Ros 2012 ($10, purchased, 12.5%): French rose famous because so many women say, “I want a dress that color.” But also fruity (strawberry, but not too much) and very pleasant. Consistent from vintage to vintage, and always a value.

? The Other Red 2010 ($10, purchased, 13.8%): Long-time favorite that was stunningly disappointing. This vintage was little more than just another Lodi red blend with lots of sweetish red fruit in the back and not much else. Sadly, a tarted up wine.

? Jekel Riesling 2011 ($16, sample, 12.5%): Surprisingly ordinary white that ?s not cheap and not very riesling-like ? just sugar water sweetness and missing almost any riesling varietal character like lemon or oiliness.

? Monte Velho White 2011 ($8, sample, 13.5%): Still clean, fresh and fruity (green apple?) despite being a previous vintage. But this is a heavier style of wine that needs food and probably something more substantial than a summer salad.

Wine of the week: Peirano Estate The Other 2008

It's the holidays. You want wine. You don't want to have to think about it. That's what The Other is for.

It's a red blend from Lodi (mostly cabernet sauvignon and merlot with a splash of syrah) and yes, I can see the wine snobs shuddering. That's their problem. The Other ($14, purchased) is a fine value, it's well made, and it has never let me down. Look for black fruit, but in a sensible, this tastes good sort of way. Serve this wine with red meat, as an aperitif for people who want a glass of red wine when they come to visit, or in front of the fire when you're worn out from holiday fun.

It's true that most people who pick up The Other for the first time do so because of the label, which is the back of a naked woman. But the wine is consistent, and that doesn't happen often enough with less expensive labels. And, sadly, it's not $10 any more, which it was when I started drinking it. But that doesn't mean I still don't enjoy it.

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