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By any other name: What do we call legalized marijuana?

legalized marijuana
Much, much too Grateful Dead.

We need a better term for legalized marijuana, since it looks to be here to stay – and to give wine a run for its money (pun fully intended)

What are we going to call legalized marijuana, now that it’s for sale in one form or another in more than half the states?The news media uses recreational marijuana, which is not only awkward but sounds like something on a children’s playground. “Come on, kids, lets go ride the recreational marijuana.”

Hence, the need for a better term. Although the Wine Curmudgeon doesn’t partake (wine, bourbon, and rye being my vices), I have extensive experience with Cheech & Chong, the old National Lampoon magazine, and Jack Webb’s rants on the subject.

That’s because legalized marijuana is going to appear on the blog as it contends with wine not just for market share, but for consumer hearts and minds. And don’t forget Big Pot. My goal is to find a synonym to use that will be easily identified:

• Reefer. Too 1950s, and especially for anyone who knows “Reefer Madness.”

• Dope. My personal favorite, but probably too 1970s.

• Mary Jane. Too beatnik.

• Weed. Probably the best term to use. It has a long history as a marijuana synonym, and is still in use today. Or so I am told.

• Pot. If not weed, then pot.

• 420. Too Grateful Dead.

• Herb. Too pretentious.

• Cannabis. Even more pretentious than herb.

• Grass. Too Woody Allen.

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If you thought winespeak was bad, how does potspeak sound?

If you thought winespeak was bad, how does potspeak sound?The Wine Curmudgeon, whose crusade against winespeak has been a cornerstone of his work, can only shake his head and sigh. Call it an example of the law of unintended consequences — legalized marijuana in Colorado may well bring with it product reviews written in potspeak.

Or, as the humorist Garry Trudeau imagines it: “This limited-edition artisanal cannabis delivers an unexpectedly smooth high, with just a touch of paranoia. …”

I cringe as I edit this. Artisanal? Limited-edition? Where have we read those before? And how did Trudeau overlook the possibility of “boutique” weed? Or that that the toke had hints of cypress and evergreen with spicy overtones?

What’s next for legalized dope? Scores? A terroir debate? The Potstream Media? The Marijuana Spectator? Blogs called Potography and 1 Dope Dude? Or, and let me warn anyone who thinks of this, because I have lawyers on standby, The Maryjane Curmudgeon?