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The Guzzle Buddy: One more reason to worry about the future of the wine business

The Guzzle Buddy takes wine drinking to another level – or not, as the case may be

The Wine Curmudgeon can’t decide what’s most annoying about the Guzzle Buddy, a wine glass that screws into the top of a wine bottle. So, yes, one can drink directly out of the bottle. Because, of course, that’s always a tremendous amount of fun.

Is it the $25 price for what looks to be $2 or $3 worth of glass? Is it that the Guzzle Buddy made an appearance on the TV show “Cougar Town?” Or is it that the video (courtesy of Insider, via YouTube) describes one of its advantages as a wine aerator? Because, of course, if you’re going to drink wine out of the bottle, it’s important to aerate it first.

Frankly, if you want to drink wine out of the bottle, drink it out of the bottle and save the $25. You can use it for two or three more wines.