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Cubs 108, History 0

Bill Murray in Cleveland at game 6. He bawled like a baby, too. Photo courtesy of my pal John Palazzo, who is an Indians fan with a heart of gold.

Yes, this was worth waiting 108 years for

I write for a living. I can write any time, any where, any place. I’ve written on deadline, I’ve written in the front sear of cars, I’ve written in flimsy bleachers, and I’ve written in hotel bars.

This morning, I can’t write. Which says everything you need to know about the Cubs winning the World Series.

So, to business. I’m cooking dinner on Saturday night, and the Big Guy and Lynne Kleinpeter will help me drink the $100 wine I promised to drink if the Cubs won the World Series. Look for that post on Monday.

Until then, enjoy the posts for today and tomorrow that I wrote earlier in the week in hopes I would be too overwhelmed to write this morning. And, if you want to share this once in a century moment, click here — my 48 years as a Cubs fan.