Sweet red wine is sweeping the country

And the wine business will never be the same. Or so these three items seem to indicate:

? I got an an email offering to sell me the domain name bestsweetredwine.com for $275, which is about four times what the cybersquatter who owns jeff-siegel.com wants. Two things strike me about this: First, that someone is cybersquatting the domain, given sweet red wine ?s reputation, and second, that they sent me an email. But I suppose that Google tells the squatters the concept is a big deal these days, and then refers them to me.

 sweet red cropped ? Beringer doesn ?t want anyone to be confused about its new line of pink and red moscatos, does it? When was the last time you saw a neck hanger boasting that a wine was sweet? This was so shocking that I took the picture with my phone in the grocery store, which happens about as often as producers put neck hangers on their wine saying that it ?s sweet.



? This Catalina (the coupons you get at grocery store checkouts because you bought or have bought similar items) came from Kroger, and I have no idea why I got it. I didn ?t buy any sweet wine, and I ?m the wrong demographic for this promotion. Guess it ?s because anyone who buys wine is a candidate for a sweet wine, and Turning Leaf ?s Refresh line includes a sweet red.