Spain, cava and the Wine Curmudgeon

The Wine Curmudgeon will be in Spain next week, touring the cava region in and around Barcelona, plus a side trip to Priorat. I'll have a full report on my return, and will try to add a couple of updates while I'm in Spain.

This trip is being paid for by the company that owns the Seguras Vidas label, but no quid pro quos have been made to allow me to go on the trip. If something isn't up to snuff, I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Though, to be honest, anyone who reads the blog even occasionally knows how much I like cava.

The other highlight? I'm told I'll be able to create my own cuvee — Wine Curmudgeon cava? Maybe with a cartoon of a bearded fellow with a hat and glasses hunched over a keyboard for the label? Letting wine writers make their own wine is au courant on press trips these days, but I'm still looking forward to it. Though, apparently, I'm going to have to sit through some sort of yeast class.

And don't worry. The blog will roll on while I'm gone, with all the regular features. I may be a little slow in responding to emails and comments, but I will get to them.

4 thoughts on “Spain, cava and the Wine Curmudgeon

  • By b burnsey - Reply

    Safe Travels!
    How about a comparison concerning the cost level for a ten dollar of wine. Is it equivalent to seven dollars? Eleven dollars?

  • By Hugh in Arlington - Reply

    Buen viaje! If you have time, head east towards Jerez De La Frontera. Historic wine region where all the Sherry wines are made.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Was in Jerez several years ago.. enjoyed it very much. Sadly, only have time for cava this trip.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Hmmm.. something to ponder. But if I make the wine, won’t it be pricelss?

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