See you after the Super Bowl

Monday update: Same thing this year. Sunday was the slowest day on the blog since October. During the game, fewer than 100 people visited the blog. I wonder: Can I turn the blog off next to save cyber-ether?

The Wine Curmudgeon, after four years of poring over blog statistics, has discovered an odd yet interesting fact. Not many people come to the blog on Super Bowl Sunday; in fact, the day gets fewer visitors than almost any other day of the year, including Christmas.

I assume this is because, if anyone is using a computer on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s to check out the game. On Christmas (and even New Year’s, with its glut of football), the numbers are actually pretty good. That may be because so many people get computers as Christmas gifts, and are busy trying them out by visiting the blog.

Whatever the reason, the number of visitors on Super Bowl Sunday is about two-thirds of normal. So, for all of you who read this post, but won’t be back until Monday, enjoy the game. And did I ever tell you my Archie Manning story?

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