Results: The fifth $3 wine challenge

$3 wine challenge
Hopefully, that guy isn’t looking for a $3 bottle of wine.

This $3 wine challenge? One bottle was sort of palatable, but the other four weren’t even close

A 3-liter box of decent wine, like the Bota Box rose or the Black Box merlot, costs about $15, which is less than $4 a bottle. Do yourself a favor and buy one of those. Don’t waste your money on any of the wines in the WC’s fifth, almost annual, $3 wine challenge.

I tasted five $3 chardonnays with dinner last week – the complete story is in this week’s Dallas Observer. The less painful version:

• The Three Wishes from Whole Foods tasted like pinot grigio.

• The Kroger Bay Bridge smelled like nail polish remover, the sign of a wine flaw called volatile acidity. Yummy!

• Four of the five were noticeably sweet and a couple were very sweet. Which would be fine, except that these wines pass themselves off as dry.

• The Two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s smelled like old cheese. More yummy!

• The best of the five was Walmart’s Oak Leaf, which was thin, watery, and not obviously sweet, but sort of tasted like chardonnay. And it’s the only one that had any acidity, and there was even a touch of nicely done fake oak. Yes, that would be damning with faint praise.

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2 thoughts on “Results: The fifth $3 wine challenge

  • By eric -

    just looked on Wine Searcher – $24.99 for a 3L in NYC!!! still a good value (relatively) at $6.25 equivalent for a 750ml bottle. Wine Searcher shows the same store selling a 500ml box for $6.99…pricing is consistent for all other varieties of Bota Box

  • By Rex -

    It might come as a shock to those at the Burgundy celebration, but everything is bought on price. Breweries are closing in San Diego, new expensive restaurants open while most of the others are adjusting their menus to lower price options. McDonalds traffic is down. Two Buck is back to two bucks.
    While you and I might not really enjoy it, most of those who drink it do. And they either have to or enjoy buying on price.

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