Register for WC’s 2018 El Centro beverage management class

El Centro Thursday afternoon and the WC’s El Centro beverage management class: a perfect pairing

The Wine Curmudgeon’s El Centro College class will return in January – RSTO 1301, beverage management, for those who want to an adventure in wine, beer, and spirits. If you aren’t a student at El Centro, but live in the Dallas area, you can take it as continuing education through this link for about $100.

This semester, we’re doing about a dozen tastings among the 15 classes. That includes the world’s great wine regions, all you ever wanted to know about whiskey (or whisky), and craft beer. Depending on my samples, I usually find a very pricey red wine for those tastings. Note, too, the change in time — 4-5:50 p.m. on Thursdays.

In addition, we’ll discuss the three-tier system and the wine supply chain, and I’ll bring in a Dallas restaurateur to talk about everyone’s favorite subject, restaurant wine prices. That’s just one of the many guest speakers, featuring some of the smartest wine, beer, and spirits people in Dallas. There may also be a rant or two about the alcohol business and its foolishness – delivered with the proper academic perspective, of course.

All is delivered with my unique brand of enthusiasm, map drawing skills (my Texas map is legendary), humor, and passion for wine. And did I mention a dozen tastings?

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One thought on “Register for WC’s 2018 El Centro beverage management class

  • By Martin Cody -

    If you desire any assistance with these classes, I’m happy to assist, fly in (my dime) and help. I cannot promise any enhanced drawing skills (you conquered Texas?—impressive) but can promise routine slaughter of English language, insightful 3-tier experience (owned wine store for seven years) and passion helping others see the light of wine appreciation.
    Love what you’re doing and how you do it.

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