Regional wine:

Originally, the idea was simple. A handful of wine writers, including the Wine Curmudgeon, would blog about regional wine on the same day, score a few points for North American wine that isn't from California, Washington, and Oregon, and maybe attract a few new visitors to our sites

So how did we end up with, a week-long project next month that has attracted some of the best wine writers in the country, people like Doug Frost, Alfonso Cevola, and Gil Kulers?

I'd like to say it was my idea, but much of the credit goes to Dave McIntyre, who is not only a fine wine writer but someone with a professional and thorough knowledge of regional wine (though his lack of appreciation for the norton grape is mystifying).

So what is and why do you need to know about it? There ?s no link posted because the site isn ?t quite ready, but if anyone wants the press release announcing the project, email me.

? Because it's about time regional wine got the respect it deserved. Yes, some of it still tastes like it was made from grapes strained through sweaty socks, but much of it is as competently made as anything from California. I regularly do blind tastings with regional wine; the people who taste it think the stuff they're drinking is from California or Australia. These wines don't deserve the Time magazine treatment.

? Because we should drink regional wine. There is no law that says all wine has to come from California.

? During the week of Oct. 6, each of the participants will write about our favorite regional wines. I ?ll do Texas, and we have people doing many of the other 47 states. Our sites will link to, and we ?ll have links on the site to each of the individual sites. That way, anyone who goes to will get an excellent overview about what's happening in regional wine. They might even be persuaded to try something new..

And that's the best part about the project.

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