Redd’s Wicked Apple: “Let’s make fun of wine”

Redd's Wicked AppleFar be it for the Wine Curmudgeon to criticize a multi-national company and a marketing campaign devised by people who are brilliant enough to work for it, when I’m just a guy at a keyboard who writes about cheap wine. But a recent Redd’s Wicked Apple commercial reminded me how creatively bankrupt so much of post-modern media is: “Let’s sell our product by making fun of wine!”

Original, isn’t it? And the commercial, like most wine humor, isn’t funny. It also borders on homophobic, implying that wine drinkers are somehow not complete men, and it uses African-Americans as a foil to show how cool Redd’s Wicked is. This approach, if I’m not mistaken, went out with “Super Fly” and the original “Shaft.” Unless, of course, you’re selling malt liquor to black people, which is what Redd’s Wicked is doing.

Not surprisingly, Redd’s is a product of Big Beer, desperate to find a way to stay relevant in the 21st century as its audience goes elsewhere. It’s hard to believe that the company that gave us the classic “Tastes great, less filling” commercials is reduced to this.

3 thoughts on “Redd’s Wicked Apple: “Let’s make fun of wine”

  • By Tom Wark -

    Not SO hard to believe!

  • By Ryan -

    I don’t see the homophobic part. I also don’t necessarily think they are poking fun at wine. They, like any other marketers, are just bashing the competition.

    I’ve had Redd’s wicked apple and I like it. However, I’m not comparing it to wine. I drink my wine and my beer and my liquor, all for different reasons.

    I’ll agree that this commercial is distasteful and crappy.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      I suppose the commercial’s creators could have made the wine drinker a touch more limp-wristed, but it was more than enough for me.

      More to your point, where you say “just bashing the competition.” Time was when that wasn’t what marketers did. They touted their product, as the link to the light beer ads shows. Marketing — all creative work, in fact — should not be about trashing someone else, but about making a point. When all of this stuff sinks to the level of a political ad, we’re all in trouble.

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