Randall Grahm and Bob Dylan

And why not? Each is, in his profession, one of a kind — though Grahm, as good a winemaker as he is, probably hasn’t made the wine equivalent of Blonde on Blonde yet.

I mention this for two reasons. First (shameless self-promotion alert), the Wine Curmudgeon and Grahm are scheduled to appear on Olivia Wilder’s Blog Talk Radio show at 8 p.m. central on Sunday (Grahm first, and I’ll then join him). Second, Grahm made a music video, called “Sub-terroir Rhonesick Blues,” to promote his new book, Been Doon So Long. It’s a very clever takeoff of Dylan’s classic version of his “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” which appeared in the documentary, Don’t Look Back, directed by D.A. Pennebaker.

The  Dylan version is here; you can watch Grahm’s effort below. Lots of in jokes, and it helps if you know the Dylan song, but still funny. My favorite line? “You don’t need a Spectator to know which way your wine blows.”

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3 thoughts on “Randall Grahm and Bob Dylan

  • By Randall.Grahm -

    Jeff, Thanks for the plug on the video, and looking forward to the radio show. For the record, the line is: “You don’t need a Spectator to know for sure your wine blows.” All best, R.

  • By Jeff Siegel -

    Lyrics have always been one of my most difficult subjects.

  • By Meg Houston Maker -

    Thanks, RG, for correcting; I was just about to, because it’s so much funnier as written. “Watch your pH meters” is the line that always gets me, maybe because it’s so resonant of the original.

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