Winecast 5: Patty Held and regional wine

Patty Held Patty Held was working in regional wine long before most people noticed that wine existed outside of California and Europe. Her work as a winemaker (she graduated from Cal State-Fresno ?s wine program when very few women even enrolled) and as a marketer has helped Missouri become one of the country ?s top regional producers.

We talked about why regional wine doesn ?t get any respect (and what can be done to change that), the norton grape and the fine wine it makes, and specific ways that wineries and regions can work on improving their reputation. She even explains why so many regional wineries make so much sweet wine. To stream or download the podcast, click here. It ?s about 10 minutes and 9 megabyes. The quality is more or less professional, save for an odd Elvis-style reverb.

2 thoughts on “Winecast 5: Patty Held and regional wine

  • By Lou - Reply

    Great speaker. I also listened to Patty speak at the Wineries Unlimited in PA. She is a “real” east coast wine and winery savant. I understand she is now helping wineries with their image and wine quality as the consumer sees them. Very cool stuff.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Patty knows as much about this stuff as anyone. And, as we like to say, she understands that not every wine is supposed to taste like California wine.

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