One more reason why we need screwcaps

You can’t burn your house down when your wine is closed with a screwcap

One of the the Wine Curmudgeon’s many quixotic battles is the crusade to replace corks with screwcaps, which are not only easier to use but provide a better seal. And when one opens as many bottles of wine as I do, the romance of corks is about as romantic as a can of chili.

Which brings us to this video, in which sommelier Jonathan Ross uses heated tongs to open a bottle of wine. I can’t decide if this is more dangerous than using a sabre, or just as dangerous in a completely different way. Probably more dangerous, since you can’t burn your house down with a sabre.

And, of course, totally unnecessary with a screwcap.

The video is courtesy of Business Insider on YouTube, with a tip o’ the WC’s fedora to our old pal Jameson Fink when he was with Grape Collective.

3 thoughts on “One more reason why we need screwcaps

  • By Marc Kauffman -

    You know this is only ever to be done with very old Vintage Port! Table wines that would use screw caps would not be candidates for this method even if they had corks instead of screw caps. Nice idea but wrong wine. I think you were over reaching a bit here. I love screw caps too but there are better reasons to use them!

  • By Bobby Cox -

    Hey I thought one was to use a turkey feather

  • By Kyle Schlachter -

    Why on earth is he doing this on a bottle of young Cotes du Roussillon??? Very old vintage Port with a rotted out cork is the only reason one would use port tongs…

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