One of the greatest wine memes ever?

wine meme

How can you beat this wine meme for being both funny and true?

The Wine Curmudgeon is constantly on the lookout for wine memes and wine humor, because we take wine entirely too seriously in the cyber-ether, in wine magazines, in restaurants, and among wine geeks.

Hence this effort, which describes one of the too many things wrong with the wine business. It’s especially relevant these days given all the recent Internet wine dustups that have so little to do with wine.

But none of this is new. One of my earliest memories of doing the blog: A good friend and terrific critic wrote that $30 was a lot of money to pay for a certain wine that had received a 90-plus score from one of the most important wine magazines. The review went crazy on the magazine’s website, and my friend was treated as if he committed a violent crime while dressed in the American flag. My favorite quote from the various tirades? “How could anyone say $30 was too much to spend? That’s an average price to pay for wine.”

Wine is supposed to be fun, despite the wine business’ efforts to make it otherwise. And a tip ‘o the Curmudgeon’s fedora to my pal Jay Bileti, who sent me off on this direction.

Image: “Marc and the Wine Bottle” by jscatty is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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