One final word about La Moneda malbec, “the world’s greatest cheap wine”

La MonedaThe La Moneda malbec: “So much publicity, yet no availability” – the bane of the existence of anyone who loves wine

A reader writes:

“I have called Walmart in New Jersey and along the east coast regions. I have called the producer in Chile and the distributor in Minnesota. Unfortunately, and very sadly, no one has been able to help me place an order. I spoke to the corporate heads in Arkansas (Walmart) and they have no clue what I am talking about or what is La Moneda Malbec. I am writing you in hopes that you can simply tell me how can I order a case of this mystery wine that has so much publicity, yet no availability.”

The $6 La Moneda, for those of you who have not been breathlessly following this story, was called the greatest cheap wine in the world after it won a platinum medal at last year’s Decanter World Wine Awards in London. The catch? That the wine was made for a British supermarket chain called ASDA, which Walmart owns. And it wasn’t sold in the U.S.

Nevertheless, as any Google search will show, the U.S. media went silly writing about the wine, mostly because no one could believe Walmart sold the best cheap wine in the world. This ignored the fact that the La Moneda wasn’t for sale in the U.S. — but why let that get in the way of a good story?

Additionally, almost everyone who posted La Moneda stories, including legitimate news organizations, didn’t seem to understand the wine business, the three-tier system, and availability. They didn’t realize that wine is different from every other consumer good; laws restrict how it is sold, so that just because it was for sale in one place didn’t mean it would be for sale in another place. My pal Dave McIntyre explained all of this brilliantly in the Washington Post, not that anyone paid attention.

This led to what the reader wrote – “so much publicity, yet no availability.” Which, of course, never, ever happens in the wine business, does it?

Walmart, to capitalize on the publicity, found enough of the wine last fall (and navigated three-tier to so do, which I wrote about here) to sell it at 577 of its 4,600 U.S. stores. The wine sold out before the end of the year, and there is none left in the U.S. It doesn’t appear there is any left in Britain, either. The ASDA website sells something called La Moneda Premium Collection Malbec, which is not the same thing — and it is only sold in Britain.

The moral in all of this? Wine availability is the bane of the existence of anyone who loves wine. And there is nothing to be done about it until we drive a stake through the three-tier system’s cold, cold heart.

Photo via the Washington Post, using a Creative Commons license

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6 thoughts on “One final word about La Moneda malbec, “the world’s greatest cheap wine”

  • By Steve -

    Found the 2016 at Walmart in Orange Park, FL today… 12/9/17. Walmart wines are supplied by vendors, just like their beer. To order, you need to do that thru the vendors that stock the shelves.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Just so you know, Steve, the 2016 is not the same as the 2015 that won the award.

      • By Kathy Eisenbart -

        Hi, I bought 15 bottles of the 2016 lamoneda Malbec for my daughters upcoming wedding. I realize it is not the award winning 2015, but they are returnable, so I bought it in the hopes I could find some reviews before the wedding. I haven’t had much luck. Have you or a colleague tried it? Can you give me an opinion?
        Thank you.

        • By Wine Curmudgeon -

          Have not tried it. Haven’t even seen it in my area, but it should be OK for what you want.

      • By Joe Krommett -

        Well, I can tell you that I found the La Moneda Malbec 2015 at a Walmart in Florida. I had already read the news of this wine having been awarded a “95” at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, so I drove to my local Walmart and inquired about it. The first staff person told me “If it is not on the shelf, we don’t have it” but being the stubborn old man I am, I walked the whole store looking for a supervisor until I found one. He checked the “Little Gun” they use to price & find merchandise, and told me they had 2 cases “back there” so I told him to bring me both cases…. NOW I am a happy camper sipping this wonderful wine…..

        • By Wine Curmudgeon -

          You did better than I did at my Dallas Walmart, where two supervisors looked at me like I was crazy.

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