No, this isn’t a wine and Halloween post

The Wine Curmudgeon does not do wine and Halloween. Too many of the wines you’ll read about aren’t very good and are made specifically for this time of year, which seems kind of silly. Does Heinz make special Halloween ketchup? And those wines that do fit the holiday and are well done, like Bogle’s Phantom, get overdone to death. Pun fully intended. Finally, who cares about wine and caramel corn pairings (because someone did a post, which I refuse to link to)?

The other thing that makes me crazy? The Halloween-themed wine video, in which adults put on costumes to do Halloween and wine pairings. This year, the CEO of (which is not, the larger and better known Internet retailer) is wearing really bad vampire makeup and talking about wine and garlic. When I wrote this Sunday morning, the video had seven hits, two of which were mine. Point made, I think.

Which does mean I don’t appreciate Halloween. I have fond memories of Halloween SweetTarts (grape, of course), and I have given away candy during Dallas’ Swiss Avenue Halloween-o-ganza. I just think wine and Halloween is stretching the point.

But I do appreciate creativity and humor, which is what this video (courtesy of BigScreamTV on YouTube) offers: Clever Halloween wine labels, presented by a pumpkin head. Bloodeaux, indeed.

One thought on “No, this isn’t a wine and Halloween post

  • By Brian - Reply

    I have never associated Halloween with wine, and no matter how much they try, I seriously doubt that I ever will make that connection.

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