Mother’s Day wine 2013

Yes, you can buy Mom wine for Mother’s Day. Why not? Doesn ?t Mom like wine? Don ?t you think she should have some? Keep the wine gift-giving guidelines in mind — “Don’t buy someone wine that you think they should like; buy them what they will like,” as well as these suggestions:

? Regional wine: Mom can drink local, too. St. James Pioneer Red ($11, sample, 12%) is great, cheap regional wine from Missouri. Lots of black fruit, but also earthiness and acidity. Limited availability, but there ?s likely a local wine near you that will do the same thing.

? Cune Rioja Monopole Blanco ($12, purchased, 13%). The Cune Rioja Blanco is a Hall of Fame candidate, and this Spanish white is even more impressive. Terrific food wine, especially if you’re tired of chardonnay, with white fruit, some white pepper and a pleasant, if shortish, finish.

? Tormaresca Chardonnay 2011 ($12, sample, 12.5%). Italian white is amazingly consistent from vintage to vintage, with lemon and apple fruit, a hint of sweetness and a sort of stony finish. Clean and well made, without any of the excess of chardonnay — fake oak, overripe fruit — at this price.

? Trivento Amado Sur 2011 ($14, sample, 14%). Well-done malbec blend from Argentina, with lots of sweet red fruit, a little black pepper and even a bit of citrus in the middle. Balanced, but firmly in the new world style.

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